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FACES Pain Scale Revised (FPS-R)

Pain intensity rating scale useful for all older adults, including those with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. Some older adults will find this tool easy to use, and may prefer it over the Numerical Rating Scale. This scale requires either verbal ability or the ability to point to the image on the scale that most closely represents their pain.

“The faces show how much pain or discomfort someone is feeling. The face on the left shows no pain.  Each face shows more and more pain and the last face shows the worst pain possible. Point to the face that shows how bad your pain is right NOW.”

Scoring:  Score the chosen face as 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10, counting left to right with 0= “no pain” and 10 ‘ “worst pain possible”

Used with permission from IASP. For clinical, educational, or research purposes, use of the FPS-R is free of charge, and permission for use is not needed, provided that the scale is not modified or altered in any way. 

FACES Pain Scale


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